Working with Nature

Since 1983 we have been working with global food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers in developing unique color shades based on natural products, designed to enhance product performance and drive sales.

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About us

BioconColors is a colorant company  specialized in the production and formulation of natural colors and Colouring Foods (Colouring foodstuff) based on vegetable and juice concentrates. We offer single source colors and unique color shades tailored to the needs of our customers. BioconColors is a key colorant partner to end producers and color houses in the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries worldwide.

BioconColors was established in 1983 BioconColors (then called Biocon del Peru)  as a subsidiary of the Irish Biocon Biochemical’s Ltd. In 1998 Biocon Biochemical’s Ltd became part of Quest International’s (Unilever Group). In 1993 BioconColors became an independent company by acquisition of the current shareholders.


With our production facilities based in Lima – Peru, we are able to produce at the source of many raw materials. Lima is specifically a prominent production location for our Annatto and Cochineal derived colorants since around 85% of the world production of cochineal and more than 15% of world production of annatto seeds originate from the inlands of Peru.

As an independent company BioconColors can respond quickly and with flexibility to our customers’ requirements. We have sales offices in Amsterdam – The Netherlands, Lima – Peru and Qingdao – mainland China. Additionally, we work with a network of international distributors allowing us to fully understand our customers’ market and requirements so that together we can develop customized products.

BioconColors, natural colors, natural colours, food colouring, colouring foodstuff, natural pigments, hues
Coloring fish, shrimps, BioconColors, natural colors, natural colours, food colouring, colouring foodstuff, natural pigments, hues

Quality management

Our Quality Management System enables us to build quality into our products rather than inspect quality after products are produced. Our system ensures we manage and control all activities associated with product quality including purchase of raw materials and ingredients, production, packaging, storage, shipment, service to customers and after sales.

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