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Meat Alternatives

Coloring meat alternatives, natural colors, BioconColors

Coloring Plant Based Meat Alternatives

BioconColors offers a range of natural color formulations specifically developed for coloring plant-based meat alternatives. Our coloring formulations are formulated in such a way to help to mimic the appearance of real burgers. All colorants used in our meat alternative formulations 100% based on natural colors.

Depending of the protein composition of your meat analogue (e.g pea, wheat, soy based etc. ) each of our coloring formulations contribute to a unique coloring behaviour of your meat alternative product during the cooking process, from realistic pink in fresh form and turning brown of the individual ingredients when heated.

Using our meat alternative coloring formulations, you can be sure that your plant meat alternative product does not only have the texture and taste of the real thing but also the appearance of real meat.

Beyond our standard solutions and with the field of plant-based meat substitutes developing rapidly our coloring specialists are keen to work with you in creating tailored made meat alternative color formulations that help perform your meat alternative in the best possible, multi-sensory way.

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Meat Alternatives

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Color Guide Meat Alternatives - Natural colors
Coloring meat alternatives, natural colors, BioconColors

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