Turning Food & Beverage Coloring into an Asset

We produce natural color solutions that stimulate the senses and drive sales

Food Coloring Specialists

Naturally Coloring the Food, Beverage and Cosmetic Industries

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36 years of experience

Since 1983 we have been producing unique color shades, designed to enhance product performance and drive sales

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Trusted Partner

Our natural colorants are used by food and beverage and cosmetic manufacturers around the globe, including the world’s largest F&B companies

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Tailored Shades

Specialized in developing tailored color solutions to match your application’s needs based on a wide range of natural colorants


Working with Nature

The Natural colors we produce are all are derived from natural raw materials and are the result of a selective color enrichment process. By sourcing worldwide and processing in-house, we secure a high quality level for our color solutions.

Together with our customers, our color specialists develop specific color solutions making your application perform in the best possible way creating a unique multi-sensory experience.

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Pigment Portfolio

We provide a wide range of natural colors and Colouring Foodstuff suitable for water and oil-based applications. Whether you produce, dairy products, spice blends, beverages or other food products, we develop color solutions to match your application’s specific needs.

Carmine | Bixin Norbixin | Carotenoids | Beta-carotene | Anthocyanin | Lutein | Betanin | Vegetable carbon | Chlorophyll | Blends & Tailor made colors

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