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Coloring cosmetics, BioconColors

Coloring Cosmetics and Skin Care products with Natural Colors

Following the food and beverage industries also the cosmetic and skin care brands are making the switch to natural colors in their quest to offer a cleaner and more natural product. Biocon has transferred its decades of food and beverage natural coloring expertise and adapted it to create a line of natural colors optimized for use in cosmetic and skin-care products. Our cosmetic colors are 100% naturally sourced and are available as either water soluble, oil soluble in all kinds of vibrant shades.

Next to our cosmetic coloring formulations, and with the natural color market for cosmetics growing rapidly, our coloring specialists are keen to work with you in creating tailored made color formulations coloring cosmetics and skin care products with Natural Colors to help perform your beauty product in the best possible way.

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Coloring Cosmetics

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Coloring cosmetics and skin care - color guide
Coloring cosmetics, BioconColors

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